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IBM DB2 to Include NoSQL Features

It didn’t take long for IBM to follow Oracle’s foray into the NoSQL space by announcing that IBM DB2 and Informix will include NoSQL features.

Mark Brunelli quoting Curt Cotner, IBM VP and CTO for database servers:

So, we actually took one of these NoSQL triplestores from the open source [community and] we modified it to sit on top of DB2 so that it can use DB2’s indexing, DB2’s logging, DB2’s solution for high availability [and] and all the things you would expect.

Reports are not very clear yet, but it seems that DB2 NoSQLish features are based on IBM’s Rational Jazz tripplestore solution—an approach similar to Oracle’s NoSQL Database 11G which is based on Oracle’s BerkleyDB Java Edition.

When speculating about Oracle’s future in the NoSQL market I was writing that I expect Oracle to extend the support for NoSQLish interfaces to its core database products. And it looks like IBM is taking exactly this route:

Curt Cotner: “All of the DB2 and IBM Informix customers will have access to that and it will be part of your existing stack and you won’t have to pay extra for it. We’ll put that into our database products because we think that this is [something] that people want from their application programming experience, and it makes sense to put it natively inside of DB2.”

Looking back at these events (Oracle’s NoSQL database, Oracle Big Data appliance, IBM DB2 and Informix supporting NoSQL features), makes me think if and how are these related to the new Enterprise NoSQL trend I’ve mentioned earlier.

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