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Four Operational Essentials: Rock-Solid MongoDB Hosting

Great slides from mongolab‘s Todd O. Dampier about operating MongoDB:

  1. Stay up => high availability
  2. Stay fast => performance & scale
  3. Take good care of your data => data durability
  4. Always know what’s going on => monitoring & alerting

Whatever database you are planning to use for a busy application, someone that specialized in operating it will give you the best insights. They’ve seen the best and worst of it.

HTML5 App Using Hosted MongoDB Instance via MongoLab REST API: No Time, No Cost, No Data

I needed a free, document based, online data store so that I could quickly build a HTML5 prototype. As an exercise, I quickly whipped up a simple application that can store basic contact details of people. […] Thankfully, with the excellent service provided by developers are able to build nosql document database driven applications in no time and at no cost!

I’m not convinced about the no time and no cost parts, but I’m pretty sure that going this route you’ll end up with no data[1] too.

  1. What I’m referring to is the fact that placing your application key on the client side basically grants anyone access to your data. And considering there’s no collection level ACL that means all operations will go through: updates, deletes, etc.  

Original title and link: HTML5 App Using Hosted MongoDB Instance via MongoLab REST API: No Time, No Cost, No Data (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)