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Hector: All content tagged as Hector in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Countandra: Cassandra-Based Hierarchical Distributed Counting Engine

Countandra features:

  • Geographically distributed counting.
  • Easy HTTP Based interface to insert counts.
  • Hierarchical counting such as
  • Retrieves counts, sums and square in near real time.
  • Simple HTTP queries provides desired output in JSON format
  • Queries can be sliced by period such as LASTHOUR, LASTYEAR and so on for MINUTELY, HOURLY, DAILY, MONTHLY values
  • Queries can be classified for anything in hierarchy such as com, com.mywebsite or

Inspired by Twitter’s Rainbird and built on top of Cassandra (1.0.1), Netty, Hector, and Joda.

Original title and link: Countandra: Cassandra-Based Hierarchical Distributed Counting Engine (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Hector, Main Java Client for Cassandra Improves API

Hector is probably the most known and used client for Cassandra. Now it is getting a new API focused on getting rid of Thrift details:

When writing the first version of hector the premise was that users are comfortable with the current level of the thrift API so hector should maintain an API similar in spirit. […] I was wrong. As it turns out, users don’t learn the thrift API and then go use hector. Most users tend to just skip the thrift API and start with hector. Fait enough. But then I’m asked why did I make such a funny API… They are right, users of hector should not suffer from the limitations of the thrift API. Add to that the complexity of dealing with failover, which clients need not care about at the API level (and in the v1 API they did) and some complex anonymous classes and the Command pattern users need to understand (if only we could have closures in java…) then we get a less than ideal API.

That sounds like a very sane process: launch a first version and see what the real users are saying.

Update: Riptano, the company offering support for Cassandra, has made available a PDF detailing Hector API:

You can download it from ☞ here.

Hector, Main Java Client for Cassandra Improves API originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL