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Improving Hadoop Performance by (Up To) 1000x

LinkedIn’s Adam Silberstein and Daniel Tunkelang provide a fantastic summary of a presentation I wish I could attend: Daniel Abadi’s “Improving Hadoop Performance by (up to) 1000x”.

Overly simplified, Daniel Abadi’s proposal is to create an analytical platform by using the best of two worlds: Hadoop and row-based or column-based relational database storage and query engines.

Hadapt, the company founded by Daniel Abadi, is in my list of the 8 most interesting companies for Hadoop’s future because I think that an interesting product can be built by combining the long optimized and tested storage and query engines of relational databases with Hadoop’s fault tolerance, scalability, and power, topped with a resource management layer.

Original title and link: Improving Hadoop Performance by (Up To) 1000x (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Hadapt and Why I'm doing a start-up pre-tenure

Daniel Abadi’s[1] reasons for backing his HadoopDB research with the Hadapt startup:

If it wasn’t for the fact that I spent the majority of the last decade soaking up the wisdom of Mike Stonebraker, I might not have chosen option (3). But I watched as my PhD thesis on C-Store was commercialized by Vertica (which was sold last month to HP), and another one of my research projects (H-Store) was commercialized by VoltDB. Thanks to Stonebraker and the first-class engineers at Vertica, I can claim that my PhD research is in use today by Groupon, Verizon, Twitter, Zynga, and hundreds of other businesses. When I come up for tenure, I want to be able to make similar claims about my research at Yale on HadoopDB. So I’m taking the biggest gamble of my career to see that happen.

While this subject would fit better in an entrepreneurship or startups blog, I felt Daniel’s decision reflects the passion of the people involved in the NoSQL and BigData space.


  1. Daniel Abadi: Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Yale University, Chief Scientist and Co-founder Hadapt, @daniel_abadi  

Original title and link: Hadapt and Why I’m doing a start-up pre-tenure (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


HadoopDB: MapReduce and DBMS Hybrid

HadoopDB is a research open source project from Yale University designed with a hybrid architecture combining parallel databases (currently Postgres) with Hadoop systems aiming to help the field of big data analysis.

Unfortunately after the initial announcement, a couple of papers (see Resources and some (small) coverage in the press, I haven’t heard much of it anymore, so I was wondering if HadoopDB got anywhere?

In case you want to help with HadoopDB, the homepage is even listing a job opening:

We have some money to fund a full-time position (“chief hacker”) within the project (located in New Haven, CT). More details can be found ☞ here. To apply, go to the following ☞ website.

This position was open for quite a long time so it is either no interest for it or… who knows.