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Fedora: All content tagged as Fedora in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Hadoop in Fedora 20

Being included in the default Fedora distro is yet another big step for Hadoop.

The hardest part about getting Hadoop into Fedora? “Dependencies, dependencies, dependencies!” says Farrellee. […]

For Hadoop? It was more difficult than usual. “There were some dependencies that were just missing and we had to work through those as you’d expect - there were a lot of these. Then there were dependencies that were older than what upstream was using - rare, I know, for Fedora, which aims to be on the bleeding edge. The hardest to deal with were dependencies that were newer than what upstream was using. We tried to write patches for these, but we weren’t always successful. […]”

On the other hand, one thing that continues to puzzle me is: how many different people coming from different backgrounds need to say that Hadoop is crazy complex?

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Proposed Fedora 19 Feature: Replace MySQL With MariaDB

Very long discussion on the Fedora mailing list considering and planning the replacement of MySQL with MariaDB:

Recent changes made by Oracle indicate they are moving the MySQL project to be more closed. They are no longer publishing any useful information about security issues (CVEs), and they are not providing complete regression tests any more, and a very large fraction of the mysql bug database is now not public.

From the reply of Andrew Rist (Oracle):

We’ve been following the discussions to replace MySQL with MariaDB in Fedora, and would like to provide additional data to help the community make the most informed decision. Instead of switching**the default to MariaDB 5.5 we would like to propose that Fedora instead integrate MySQL 5.6. Switching to MariaDB would be going backwards, as their releases usually lag by at least 6 months. The differences between MariaDB 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 are quite significant, with major improvements in both performance and stability [1] , as well as additional features and improved security [2].

Another interesting bit mentioned in the thread by Henrique Junior:

OpenSUSE is dumping MySQL in the next release 12.3 […]

I went through the thread twice and I’m not sure which is the conclusion. But it’s starting to look like Oracle’s approach to managing MySQL is not appreciated by some.

Roland Bouman

Original title and link: Proposed Fedora 19 Feature: Replace MySQL With MariaDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)