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Elasticache: All content tagged as Elasticache in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Deep Dive Into Amazon ElastiCache

Harish Ganesan published an in-depth article about Amazon Elasticache covering:

  1. Connection overhead of the connection buffer per TCP client connection approach used by ElastiCache
  2. Possible solutions for dealing with an elastic Amazon ElastiCache cluster (nb: memcached nodes are not cluster aware)
  3. Auto discovery (just recently added by the AWS team as a patch to the spymemcached Java client)
  4. ElastiCache node types
  5. Memory allocation and eviction policies

Original title and link: Deep Dive Into Amazon ElastiCache (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Memcached in the Cloud: Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon announced today a new service Amazon ElastiCache or Memcached in the cloud. The new service is still in beta and available only in the US East (Virginia) Region.

While many will find this new service useful, it is a bit of a disappointement that Amazon took the safe route and went with pure Memcached. The only notable feature of Amazon ElastiCache is automatic failure detection and recovery. But compared with Membase (and the soon to be released Couchbase 2.0) it is missing clustering, replication, support for virtual nodes, etc. Even if advertising a push-button scaling, ElastiCache will lose cached data on adding or removing instances.

The pace at which Amazon is launching new services is indeed impressive. I’m wondering what will be the first NoSQL database that will get official Amazon support.

Original title and link: Memcached in the Cloud: Amazon ElastiCache (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)