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Drawn to Scale: All content tagged as Drawn to Scale in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

One Good and one bad

For the beginning of the week, some good and bad news:

  1. Tableau Software’s IPO is considered successful.

    Derric Harris for GigaOm:

    The company didn’t really need more capital to operate, Chabot said, but one of the primary drivers was to raise awareness of the company. It has about 12,000 customers, he said, but there are millions more possible users. As part of attracting them, the company is going to expand globally and is working to improve its reach across mobile devices, the cloud and the Mac operating system.

  2. Bradford Stephens announces that Drawn to Scale closes. Drawn to Scale was building a SQL-on-HBase solution and according to the post it already had paying customers.

    It seemed we had everything going for us — paid customers such as American Express, a major telecom, Flurry, and 4 others. Our technology worked brilliantly, we had a big hiring pipeline, and we had great media presence against our competitors who raised 10-100x more cash.

    Yet five days before we signed term sheets for a big A round or sold the company, we started getting hit by a series of black swans — and we just didn’t have what we needed to recover.

    I didn’t talk to Bradford Stephens, but I assume the black swans are all the recent big name announcements related to SQL-on-Hadoop.

    ✚ Bradford, I’m sad to learn that the Drawn to Scale adventure has ended. But an end is just a new beginning. Good luck!

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Drawn to Scale Announces Spire for Mongo

Bradford Stephens (CEO Drawn to Scale):

Today, we’re announcing that we’ve ported MongoDB onto Spire as a platform. What this means is:

  1. You can easily scale your MongoDB cluster to 200+ TB
  2. You don’t need to change a line of code in your app to make it scale
  3. You can use ANSI SQL (yes, joins), Mongo queries, and Hadoop on the same data.

Just a couple of thoughts:

  1. the push of NoSQL databases to get SQL support is growing extremely fast. But I still doubt this is happening thanks to the advantages of SQL, but more due to the 30 years of investments in the SQL ecosystem.
  2. I don’t agree with Bradford’s “MongoQL is also great because unlike SQL, there is only one flavor”. As far as I can tell, MongoDB comes with 3 flavors of queries: the object-based query language, the aggregation framework (a combination of object-based QL and pipelining) and the Javascript-based MapReduce
  3. last but not least, what are Ryan Rawson’s thoughts about Drawn to Scale going Mongo.

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The NoSQL Community Threw Out the Baby With the Bath Water

Monte Zweben interviewed by Gery Menegaz for ZDNet:

“The NoSQL community threw out the baby with the bath water. They got it right with flexible schemas and distributed, auto-sharded architectures, but it was a mistake to discard SQL,”

After reading the above, I was ready to file this together with The Time for NoSQL Standards Is Now; which by the way dates from July 2012.

Then it is only the final paragraph that clarifies what Monte Zweben is talking about: a SQL engine for Hadoop. I don’t know if the order makes any difference, but before taking about thrown babies:

  1. this is not SQL for NoSQL databases
  2. there’s already Hive for SQL on Hadoop
  3. there’s already Spire from Drawn to Scale for ANSI SQL on Hadoop
  4. there’s already Hadapt for SQL and Hadoop

Original title and link: The NoSQL Community Threw Out the Baby With the Bath Water (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


MapR’s New Partnership With Drawn to Scale

MapR is definitely up to some interesting partnerships. Last year it announced a partnership with EMC for Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition, then this year MapR became available on Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Google Compute Engine. And today MapR and Drawn to Scale, creator of the real-time database for Hadoop Spire, are announcing a new partnership.

Bradford Stephens (CEO, Drawn to Scale):

MapR provides the fastest, most reliable Hadoop for our customers. We are thrilled to work with MapR to deliver M3 as part of Spire as the first real-time database for Hadoop.

Jack Norris (VP of marketing, MapR Technologies):

Real-time SQL on Hadoop is a big gap in the market that is addressed by Spire. Spire is a complementary solution to our products and it made sense to work with Drawn to Scale to make it easier for customers to deploy M3, pre-integrated with Spire, for real-time SQL-based workloads.

It might sound strange coming from me, but MapR is making quite some big steps towards becoming the de facto standard for Hadoop. I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions from Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Original title and link: MapR’s New Partnership With Drawn to Scale (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)