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Discriminant Analysis: All content tagged as Discriminant Analysis in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Visitor Conversion With Bayesian Discriminant And Hadoop

Long, but very educative post by Pranab Ghosh that describes discriminant analysis and then provides an implementation for calculating the probability of visitors’ conversion using the Bayesian discriminant with Hadoop:

You have lots of visitors on your eCommerce web site and obviously you would like most of them to convert. By conversion, I mean buying   your product or service. It could also mean the visitor taking  an action, which potentially could financially benefit the business e.g., opening an account or signing up for email new letter. In this post, I will cover some predictive data mining techniques that may facilitate higher conversion rate.

Original title and link: Visitor Conversion With Bayesian Discriminant And Hadoop (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)