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DataStax: All content tagged as DataStax in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Cassandra as the Central Nervous System of Your Distributed Systems with Joe Stein - Powered by NoSQL

In the 4th week of the DataStax’s Cassandra NYC 2011 video series, we have Joe Stein from Medialets talking about the architecture

Before diving into the video here are some interesting data points:

  • Medialets serves rich media ads
    • they handle 3-4TB of daily data
    • microsecond-level response times
  • Cassandra is used for time series and aggregate metrics
  • all MapReduce jobs written in Python. This reminded me of the recent post about the performance impact of operations in Hadoop Map phase
  • Medialets architecture:

    Medialets architecture

  • Major components of the Medialets’s architecture:

    • Kafka
    • MySQL
    • Cassandra: 6 node cluster, 100k requests, single DC
    • Hadoop
    • ZooKeeper: coordinates all the services on the platform
  • some of the data in MySQL is replicated in Cassandra (and coordinated with ZooKeeper)
  • data is fed back to MySQL
  • Kafka for collecting analytics data:
    • aggregates go into Cassandra
    • events in Hadoop
  • GROUP BY with Cassandra
  • for real-time systems aggregations must be done upfront
  • the way data is segmented is critical
  • aggregation leads to data explosion

Cassandra at Clearspring with Chris Burroughs - Powered by NoSQL

For today’s Powered by Cassandra video from the Cassandra NYC 2011 event organized by DataStax, I chose Chris Burroughs’s presentation about Clearspring’s usage of Cassandra. Just in case you wonder what Clearspring is doing, the sharing buttons you see here on myNoSQL are powered by AddThis product from Clearspring.

Cassandra 101 for System Administrators with Nathan Milford - Powered by NoSQL

While today was supposed to be a new educational video from the Cassandra NYC 2011 video series, I thought that learning from the lessons of operating Cassandra at Outbrain to serve over 30 billion impressions monthly will be quite educational.

The Future of Big Data with Cassandra

One of the best presentations I’ve seen: concise, covering the topic from different angles, providing useful information, pitching a product and company in non-obtrusive ways.

The slidedeck by Matthew F. Dennis talks about realtime data and analytics from the perspective of Cassandra and DataStax. It starts by presenting the most important features of Cassandra:

  • true multi DC support
  • no SPOF
  • linear scalability
  • great read and write performance
  • tunable consistency access
  • durable
  • integrated caching

and a series of use cases for Cassandra:

  • time series
  • sensor data
  • messaging
  • ad tracking
  • financial market data
  • user activity streams
  • fraud detection
  • risk analysis

It then summarizes three major Cassandra case studies with quotes emphasizing why Cassandra plays a critical role in each of them:

  • Netflix
  • Backupify
  • ooyala

Enjoy it after the break.

Scaling Video Analytics with Cassandra by Ilya Maykov - Powered by NoSQL

To keep with last week’s model—an educational video about Cassandra, followed by a Cassandra case study—today’s video in the Cassandra NYC 2011 video series from DataStax, is Ilya Maykov describe how Cassandra is used at Ooyala for computing multi-dimensional video analytics reports for 100M+ monthly unique users in near-real-time.

Cassandra Data Modeling Examples with Matthew F. Dennis - NoSQL videos

Continuing the Cassandra NYC 2011 video series, made available by the folks from DataStax, this week we have Matthew F. Dennis which covers a couple of different Cassandra data modeling use cases.

Cassandra at SocialFlow with Drew Robb - Powered by NoSQL

To alternate a bit after yesterday’s educational CQL: SQL for Cassandra in the Cassandra NYC 2011 video series from DataStax, today’s video is Drew Robb covering Cassandra usage at SocialFlow for capturing real-time data from Twitter and

CQL: SQL for Cassandra with Eric Evans - NoSQL videos

The fine folks from DataStax have made available the presentations from their Cassandra NYC 2011 event.

The first video to post here is Eric Evans’s presentation on Cassandra Query Language.

DataStax's CEO thoughts on the NoSQL Market and Competition

Billy Bosworth1:

Personally, I have never believed that other post-relational (aka NoSQL/Hadoop) database companies were our primary competition.  The brute fact of the matter is that if you put us all together, we are still not statistically relevant compared to the overall DBMS market.

I had only one real personal fear coming into this market: That I would sink a big portion of my life into something that would never take hold in the mainstream. I suspect that would be a truly awful ending for all of us in this space. But thanks to companies like Amazon and Oracle, that feels highly unlikely now, and that is a great thing.

Just to play the devil advocate for a second: Oracle won’t lose much in the NoSQL market if things don’t work out well and Amazon’s DynamoDB is part of a larger plan. But for all the NoSQL database companies it is an all-or-nothing game2.

  1. Billy Bosworth: CEO DataStax 

  2. An all-or-nothing game is not the same with a winner-takes-all game  

Original title and link: DataStax’s CEO thoughts on the NoSQL Market and Competition (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)