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Couchbase: All content tagged as Couchbase in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

CouchDB Isn’t All That Much of a Business

Curt Monash:

Pure CouchDB isn’t all that much of a business, at least relative to community size, as CouchDB is a single-server product commonly used by people who are content not to pay for support.

This could explain both the confusing CouchDB positioning, but also Membase and CouchOne merger.

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$14mil More for NoSQL Database Couchbase

Couchbase has raised $14mil in a new round of funding bringing the company’s total of capital raised to $30mil. This capital will be used to:

  • further develop the NoSQL database
  • increase adoption and growth of Couchbase in enterprise organizations
  • expand internationally
  • support its growing community through expanded technical education and community events.

For more details you can check the PR announcement and TechCrunch coverage.

Original title and link: $14mil More for NoSQL Database Couchbase (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Couchbase Single Server Important Improvements

  1. Couchbase Single Server is the CouchDB packaging offered by Couchbase. But I think this is the first time this product came out under this name. At least the first Couchbase Server release didn’t mention it.

  2. Back in December I was speculating that CouchDB could benefit of an internal cache. But the Couchbase team has found other places to improve performance:

    • IO compression for faster effective IO, reduced view generation time and reduced disk usage.
    • Asynchronous write optimizations.
    • New, higher performance and more configurable replicator

    All these improvements are explained in a separate post. Note that for measuring these improvements, the team used a derived version of the Basho’s benchmark—one of the few good NoSQL benchmarks.

  3. Mathias Meyer has mentioned automatic compaction in his CouchDB post 1.0 roadmap. It is now available in the Couchbase Single Server 2.0.

  4. Couchbase Single Server 2.0 adds experimental Coffeescript support.

    The addition of CoffeeScript allows you to write your view definitions, validation functions, update handles and changes filters in CoffeeScript instead of JavaScript. This allows one to develop views sans-braces and semicolons. It’s just as fast, and much easier on the eyes.

    For me CoffeeScript is just a JavaScript DSL. I’m not sure I like generic DSLs, but I’m no JavaScript expert.

  5. It is great to see that Couchbase people continue to listen to the community and don’t drive their decisions by business objectives only—it might be the case that business objectives and community suggestions overlapped.

  6. Last but not least, most of these changes have already been contributed back to the Apache CouchDB. This is a good sign that Couchbase team will continue to support the original CouchDB project.

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Database & Integration: The SDTimes Top 100 for 2011

The only NoSQL name making the list is Couchbase which is still working on merging their CouchDB and Membase products.

Database and Integration SD Times

Hadoop is included in the cloud category making me think of how valuable the SDTimes top 100 is.

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Couchbase: First Version End of July?

This is pure speculation on my side based on the program of the first Couchbase developer conference.

Keep in mind that Couchbase first release was just a build of CouchDB including GeoCouch. And end of July would be roughly 6 months since CouchOne and Membase merger.

Original title and link: Couchbase: First Version End of July? (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Mobile Couchbase for iOS iPhone and iPad Beta Release

Mobile Couchbase for iOS is delivered as an embeddable library with seamless Apple Xcode IDE integration, ensuring a familiar development experience for developers building iPhone and iPad apps.

PR announcement

2 months after the confirmation that Apple will accept it and only 8 months after the CouchDB for Android.

Update: From the official post:

On the horizon for Mobile Couchbase is a feature we think will be crucial for adoption with more apps: ObjC Map Reduce. With ObjC Map Reduce we can make the Spidermonkey dependency optional, thus cutting the overall download size contribution of Mobile Couchbase by roughly half.

Original title and link: Mobile Couchbase for iOS iPhone and iPad Beta Release (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)

Powered by Membase: Ad Platform AdAction

Wouter de Bie (systems developer for AdAction):

We needed a system that is simple to use and manage, provides low latency and high throughput, and expands to support our business at any scale. Our future success is tied to our ability to deploy new nodes seamlessly, on demand, with no downtime or time-consuming manual re-balancing. The new infrastructure enables us to deliver on our promise — highly targeted ads served within 100 milliseconds 99.99% of the time. As a result, we are delivering a consistently excellent service for our clients and their end customers.

They also characterize Cassandra as “sluggish in performance, cumbersome to rebalance and required significant downtime for upkeep and expansion”.

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Iris Couch: Your New Source for CouchDB Hosting

Today, we are proud to introduce Iris Couch, a Couchbase spin-off and your new one-stop shop for hosted CouchDB. We are transferring the Couchbase hosting business to Iris Couch – a company founded and operated by the former Couchbase hosting team – and Iris Couch will focus solely on providing the rock-solid hosting service you deserve.


We know you’re wondering “What does this mean for me and my couches?” Relax. The name is changing, but the platform is not. Same platform. Same service. Same team. You don’t even need to touch your existing couches…the transition to Iris Couch will be seamless for you.

What is the value proposition or differentiator of Iris Couch (let’s say compared to Cloudant)?

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