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CouchApp: All content tagged as CouchApp in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

CouchDB: A CouchApp Project Structure

If you learned about CouchApp, now it is time to see the most detailed description of a CouchApp project structure:

his is my current (3 day) understanding of the way it works. I could be totally/probably wrong but I am sure someone will help and point that out. […] The order of the document is based on the layout of the files in TextMate while examining the Pages project.

A good reference point for those building CouchApp based apps.

Original title and link for this post: CouchDB: A CouchApp Project Structure (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)


CouchDB: What is CouchApp?

I’ve asked for it, now I’ve found it:

A CouchApp is just a JavaScript and HTML5 app that can be served directly to the browser from CouchDB, without any other software in the stack. There are many benefits (and some constraints) to doing it this way.

Leaving aside the sometimes overly zealous comments, it is the intro material about CouchApp I was asking for. There are a few more resources about CouchApp available ☞ here.

A CouchApp that got some press lately is afgwardiary which can be found on ☞ GitHub. Created by Benoit Chesneau it is meant to analyze the Wikileaks data dumps.

Original title and link for this post: CouchDB: What is CouchApp? (myNoSQL © NoSQL databases)


CouchDB 0.11.0 and CouchApp

Owen Griffin has posted ☞ his notes on CouchDB 0.11.0 and CouchApp. These notes are based on an Ubuntu installation of CouchDB, so you might find Matthew Sacks’s ☞ brief introduction useful.

Even if this is a great start, I’d still like to have around an extensive tutorial on CouchApp.

CouchDB Chat App with _changes and Evently

Watching Chris Anderson (@jchris) demoing CouchDB and CouchApp is always fun and relaxing. In this short video, Chris is showing the details of a simple chat app built on top of CouchApp.

It would be worth noting that I am starting to see quite a few interesting usecases or apps built on CouchDB’s _changes[1].

Last, I should probably confess that I am not really familiar with CouchApp, so if you have a great CouchApp video, presentation or tutorial, please do share it with me and the MyNoSQL users. I’m pretty sure others will appreciate it as much as I will do!

Play with Taskr: A Lightweight CouchApp Task Tracker

Chris Anderson (@jchris) has shared a 10min video demoing Taskr, a lightweight task tracker that uses some new plugins (Evently and Pathbinder) available through CouchApp[1]. The video is pretty fun, unfortunately the fonts are too small to see the code, so you’ll have to check out the ☞ GitHub code to follow along.

And hello Chris from MyNoSQL!


  • [1] ☞ CouchApp provides a set of utilities making standalone CouchDB app simple. ()