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Chef: All content tagged as Chef in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

NoSQL Databases Configuration Management

After reading about MarkLogic Packaging feature, I was wondering if managing configurations would not be better done with tools like Puppet or Chef instead of a custom built solution even if it comes packaged with your NoSQL database.

  • You’ve been working on an application on your development machine. Now it’s time to move your application to the staging or testing servers. What follows is a tedious process of reviewing the settings on your development machine and applying them to the staging machine. How sure are you that you got all the indexes just right?
  • You’ve got a certified configuration that you want to deploy onto a new cluster. Getting the hardware setup and installing the server itself isn’t too hard, but now you have to make sure that all the application servers and databases are setup. Can you see another tedious process coming?

If you’ve been involved or responsible for managing the configuration of a NoSQL database deployment, I’d really love to learn what solution and tools have been used.

Original title and link: NoSQL Databases Configuration Management (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

The Top 5 Reasons to Use Chef

Bryan Berry:

  1. Writing reams of documentation sucks. Chef drastically reduces the amount of documentation you have to write.
  2. Bash doesn’t scale. Seriously.
  3. Technical Awesomeness
  4. Chef grows with you
  5. You can stop reinventing the wheel

There’s no large scale without automation. Just ask Netflix about their army of monkeys.

Original title and link: The Top 5 Reasons to Use Chef (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


Trying out BigCouch with Chef-Solo and Vagrant

So the other day, I wanted to quickly check something in BigCouch and thanks to Vagrant, chef(-solo) and a couple cookbooks — courtesy of Cloudant — this was exceptionally easy.

I’ve asked myself many times what is the easiest way to experiment with all these NoSQL databases and frequently changing versions. So far my “recipe” running on Mac OS has been homebrew. But this combination of automated virtual machines sounds quite compelling. Any other suggestions? Should I prefer Puppet to Chef?

Original title and link: Trying out BigCouch with Chef-Solo and Vagrant (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)


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