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BigCache: All content tagged as BigCache in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

What Is BigCache: Off-Heap Caching Solution for the JVM


BigCache addresses this problem by persisting the cached data in memory within the same JVM process, but outside the JVM heap. This prevents the Garbage Collector from interacting with the cache’s memory zone, allowing the JVM heap size to be scaled based on processing needs only. While this solution is slightly slower than in-heap data access, it is faster than disk or network data transfers. These aspects make BigCache a solution that not only delivers performance, but can also scale up to tens or hundreds of gigabytes of RAM on the same machine.


This sounds like an open source (Apache licensed) alternative to Terracotta’s BigMemory.

Sid Anand

Original title and link: What Is BigCache: Off-Heap Caching Solution for the JVM (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)