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Arduino: All content tagged as Arduino in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence

Arduino Cat Faucet With Mongodb and Rails

I used before the word geeky for the Smalltalk and CouchDB or the Smalltalk client for Riak. But this story is the real geeky thing. You must read it to believe me:

My cat likes to drink fresh and cold water directly from the faucet. We get up and turn on the faucet only to leave it running after she’s jumped down. It’s not really a big problem for us but I saw a fun problem that I could work on. As much as this seems like a weird and freakish oddity, it’s a potential start of a smarthome sensor network that may provide some utility. I also saw an opportunity to learn various things such as MongoDB, mechanical construction with Microrax, Rails3 and more development on Arduino with an Xbee module.

Arduino Cat Faucet with Mongodb and Rails

All parts of the project are described in detail, so even if you are not a cat person I still think you’ll enjoy it.

Original title and link: Arduino Cat Faucet With Mongodb and Rails (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)