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Betting Site YouWin Speeds Response Times With MongoDB Database... Actually That's Not Quite True

Brian McKenna for ComputerWeekly in an article about YouWin replacing their content management system backend to MongoDB:

A year and a half ago, Goralski’s team jettisoned a content management system that was not fit for purpose. To render the Youwin home page was costing 1,200 SQL queries. The MongoDB content management system has reduced that to two, he says, making the website much faster. It has also made it possible to offer new features to engage users better, he adds.

Let’s be clear about this: when the same page goes from 1000x queries to x queries, it is not your new database that speeds up your application.

The real reasons are:

  1. using the experience of building the first version of the app and seeing it fail in different ways
  2. starting to understand traffic patterns and data access patterns
  3. getting rid of an old probably crappy implementation
  4. moving from modeling data in front of the whiteboard to modeling data for production systems

Migrating to a new database is forcing one to go through these steps. It might also offer you a justification for the budget needed to rewrite parts of the app. NoSQL databases come with a different data model and that’s forcing one to go through the steps above. That’s what’s improving the performance of your app.

Original title and link: Betting Site YouWin Speeds Response Times With MongoDB Database… Actually That’s Not Quite True (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)