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Big Data: Quality Over Quantity

Sybase’s Derek Klobucher writes in an article titled Better Data Quality Means Higher Sales and ROE[1]:

Quality over quantity. It’s true of time, food and friends (except on Facebook). It’s also true of data.

Let’s take a look at a short exercise:

  1. at same quality, who owns more data is in advantage (access to more relevant results)
  2. at same quantity, who owns qualitatively better data is in advantage.

Quantity and Quality are orthogonal characteristics of Big Data. You must have both to succeed. Same for a data product: if it’s not able to handle both scenarios then it’ll become irrelevant sooner than later.

As final note, there are people working with Big Data that suggest that volume can compensate for quality—they call it the unreasonable effectiveness of data.

  1. This title is synonymous to saying “it’s better to be healthy, rich, and beautiful than being sick, poor, and ugly”.  

Original title and link: Big Data: Quality Over Quantity (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)