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Accumulo: A New BigTable Inspired Distributed Key/Value by NSA

The National Security Agency has submitted to Apache Incubator a proposal to open source Accumulo, a BigTable inspired key-value store that they were building since 2008. The project proposal page provides more details about Accumulo history, building blocks, and how it compares to the other BigTable open source implementation HBase:

  • Access Labels: Accumulo has an additional portion of its key that sorts after the column qualifier and before the timestamp. It is called column visibility and enables expressive cell-level access control. Authorizations are passed with each query to control what data is returned to the user.

  • Iterators: Accumulo has a novel server-side programming mechanism that can modify the data written to disk or returned to the user. This mechanism can be configured for any of the scopes where data is read from or written to disk. It can be used to perform joins on data within a single tablet.

  • Flexibility: Accumulo places no restrictions on the column families. Also, each column family in HBase is stored separately on disk. Accumulo allows column families to be grouped together on disk, as does BigTable.

  • Logging: HBase uses a write-ahead log on the Hadoop Distributed File System. Accumulo has its own logging service that does not depend on communication with the HDFS NameNode.

  • Storage: Accumulo has a relative key file format that improves compression.

You can read more about Accumulo here and check the Hacker News and Reddit discussions.

Michael Stack has commented on the HBase mailing list:

The cell based ‘access labels’ seem like a matter of adding an extra field to KV and their Iterators seem like a specialization on Coprocessors. The ability to add column families on the fly seems too minor a difference to call out especially if online schema edits are now (soon) supported. They talk of locality group like functionality too — that could be a significant difference. We would have to see the code but at first blush, differences look small.

Original title and link: Accumulo: A New BigTable Inspired Distributed Key/Value by NSA (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)