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Even More MongoDB Tools

In case you got bored with the existing MongoDB tools — and there are quite a few: futon4mongo, phpMoAdmin and Mongo3, MongoHub for Mac, Myngo (a phpMyAdmin for MongoDB), and RockMongo, another PHP management and admin tool — you shouldn’t worry as I have a couple more for you:


MongoExplorer is a native Mac Cocoa application developed by François Beausoleil which also led to the creation of an Objective-C MongoDB driver:

I had tried mongohub, but my itch wasn’t scratched: I wanted something that displayed my data in tables, not as some kind of outline. Thus was born Mongo Explorer.


The first release can be downloaded from ☞ here (zip) and the project is hosted on ☞ GitHub


Opricot is another web-based — like futon4mongo, phpMoAdmin and Mongo3, Myngo, or RockMongo — administration tool for MongoDB

Our aim is to provide a snappy, fully featured alternative to the native MongoDB shell for database management tasks.

In addition to GUI functionality, it provides a Javascript environment for automated processing / db management / analytics. The Javascript is executed directly in the browser, and the included MongoDB API and syntax is, while not identical, very similar to the native MongoDB shell.

Opricot: MongoDB web administration tool

Opricot can be downloaded from the ☞ project homepage.

I’m wondering when we will start to see some consolidation in this space as with as many tools around things will get quite confusing.


  • MongoVUE is a GUI (graphical user interface) application that helps you administer, develop and learn MongoDB.
  • MongoVUE is FREE to use.
  • To run properly, MongoVUE requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer.

Original title and link for this post: Even More MongoDB Tools (published on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL)