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Terracotta and Hadoop

Ari Zilka (Terracotta):

Terracotta is generally part of read/write business systems that you might call transactional (not meaning XA / 2-phased commit). Hadoop is generally part of read-only analytics systems you might call business intelligence. Hadoop is used to create cool things like Yahoo’s predictive-typing feature in their search engine. Terracotta is used in financial services to execute more trades per hour or run algorithmic trading solutions faster or in gaming to handle more gamers per day. Terracotta is used to make sure no state is lost if Java or .Net apps stop running mid-day. Hadoop is used to crunch massive datasets looking for patterns.

It’s great that we don’t get back to elastic caching vs NoSQL.

Terracotta and Hadoop originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL