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CouchDB: Repair Tool Available for Critical Data Loss Bug

After releasing CouchDB 0.11.2, but before pushing out the new release that fixes the critical data loss bug discovered in CouchDB 1.0, there is now a repair tool available:

Apache CouchDB 1.0.0 has a bug where user data can potentially become inaccessable. […] The CouchDB community has built a data recovery tool for anyone who may have been affected by the bug. As long as you have not compacted since installing 1.0.0 and triggering the bug, this tool can help you avoid any data loss. Because CouchDB has an append-only file format, the tool is able to recover any data written, even if your server has been restarted since then. The original data-loss bug didn’t actually lose data, it just failed to write the pointer that CouchDB uses for retreiving data. All your data is still on disk, this tool scans the database file and reconstructs the proper pointers so your data is once again accessible.

I hope the ASF release voting process completes and the new CouchDB 1.0.1 will be out soon.

CouchDB: Repair Tool Available for Critical Data Loss Bug originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL