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Microsoft Azure and NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, sones GraphDB, and RavenDB

Looks like today is the day of the NoSQL databases in the Microsoft cloud. After covering how to run MongoDB on Azure and today’s guide to running sones GraphDB on Azure, the third one joining the party is RavenDB:

The short answer was, with the current build, no. RavenDB uses the .NET HttpListener class internally, and apparently that class will not work on worker roles, which are restricted to listening on TCP only.


I have to sign a contribution agreement, and do some more extensive testing, but I hope that Ayende is going to pull my TCP changes into the RavenDB trunk so that this deployment model is supported by the official releases.

So, two document stores and a graph database are already available for Microsoft Azure. Which one is next?

Microsoft Azure and NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, sones GraphDB, and RavenDB originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL