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1 Week, 1 Project, 3 Databases: MarkLogic, CouchDB, MongoDB

That’s the gist of this application. It is non-trivial and had a very rich design and interaction. My team had an excellent QA, excellent front end dev, and me who was the only one who knew MarkLogic. The other team chose to implement theirs using a Javascript front-end architecture communicating with CouchDB (later Java with MongoDB) on the backend. The two teams involved very skilled people. If these two technology approaches were going to go head-to-head, these were the people to do it.

Judging by the brief description of the requirements, there was nothing about this application that either CouchDB or MongoDB would not be able to handle. So I assume that there was some learning curve involved in the team that went first with CouchDB and then moved to MongoDB. Not to mention changing the technology for such a short term project.

Original title and link: 1 Week, 1 Project, 3 Databases: MarkLogic, CouchDB, MongoDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)