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1 Trillion RDF Triples With Franz’s AllegroGraph

Patrick Durusau mentioned on his blog a new record set by Franz’s AllegroGraph: 1 trillion RDF triples. This comes only 2 months after the previous Franz’s AllegroGraph record of 310 billion triples.

My first thought was: why is this important? It was one of the few times I’ve found the answer in the PR announcement:

A trillion RDF Statements […] is a primary interest for companies like Amdocs that use triples to represent real-time knowledge about telecom customers. Per-customer, Amdocs uses about 4,000 triples, so a large telecom like China Mobile would easily need 2 trillion triples to have detailed knowledge about each single customer.

Original title and link: 1 Trillion RDF Triples With Franz’s AllegroGraph (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)