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40% Penetration for NoSQL: An Interview With Basho's CEO Don Rippert

Don Rippert interviewed by Derrick Harris (GigaOm):

Enterprises will start adopting NoSQL en masse, Rippert thinks, because the types of data they’re now dealing with require new technologies. “We are the data store for the new type of data being stored,” he explained. […]

That data is largely of the unstructured variety coming from web applications, machines and other sources that aren’t the traditional business-transaction data for which relational databases were created. Relational databases were the answer to almost everything previously, but now Rippert thinks NoSQL is “the answer to about 40 percent of business use cases today”.

A couple of follow up questions for Don Rippert[1]:

  1. Is your prediction of 40% market share relative to scenarios for large scale, unstructured data with high availability requirements? That would basically mean a 40% market share for just a couple of products: Cassandra, HBase, Riak, Project Voldemort, and (probably) Couchbase.

  2. How is the rest of 60% of the market devided between the other NoSQL databases, NewSQL databases, and the traditional relational databases?

  3. Considering the current market structure, when do you think the shift towards large scale, highly available requirements happened?

  4. How long do you think it will take the market to remodel? What factors will accelerate this transition?

  1. I’d really appreciate if someone could forward these questions to him.  

Original title and link: 40% Penetration for NoSQL: An Interview With Basho’s CEO Don Rippert (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)