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Why Big Data Is Such a Hot Topic in the World of Data Management?

Dave Kellogg[1]:

First I think Big Data is a hot topic because it represents the first time in about 30 years that people are rethinking databases. Literally, since about 1980 people haven’t had to think much about databases. If you were an SMB, you went SQL server; if you were enterprise, you’d go Oracle or IBM depending on your enterprise preferences. But in terms of technology, to paraphrase Henry Ford: any color you want, as long it’s relational[2].

Bob Warfield’s recent post NoSQL is a premature optimization, which got a lot of press, shows that this mentality is still in wide use despite the fact that during the last two years NoSQL databases, NewSQL databases, and analytic databases have already proved their strength in various markets and scenarios.

  1. Ex-MarkLogic CEO, ex-Aster data board member, ex-VP of Marketing at Versant and Ingres  

  2. My emphasis  

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