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CouchDB Case Study: CouchDB for Reporting and More

Considering the current limitations of the CouchDB mapreduce/views — i.e. no dynamic queries, views being updated on read access, awkward pagination — I am a bit confused:

Initially, Aptela’s developers were considering using CouchDB solely for reporting, with the schema-less design proving particularly useful when every day seemed to bring a new reporting requirement.

My thoughts:

  • schema-less makes for a good solution for storing free format data
  • free format data is difficult to query
  • there are no dynamic queries in CouchDB and views are updated on read and that would make reporting difficult
  • Hadoop (with Pig) or even SQL seems to fit better the scenario of new reports every day (which solution should be used pretty much depends on the size of the data)

What am I missing?

CouchDB Case Study: CouchDB for Reporting and More originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL