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Aerospike: One week of being open source

Brian Bulkowski, co-founder and CTO of Aerospike1 about the recent announcement of open sourcing Aerospike (and a new round of funding):

We didn’t want to open source too early and lose the benefits of focus – nor too late and lose the benefits of broad adoption.


I believe Aerospike’s unique open source strategy has the opportunity to deliver a higher quality open source project than has been delivered in the past.

I was trying earlier this week to remember another project going this route2.

  1. Disclaimer: Aerospike has been a long-time supporter of myNoSQL (and I’m very thankful for that). 

  2. I’m not talking here of TextMate open source abandonware

Original title and link: Aerospike: One week of being open source (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)