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VC Perspective on BigData and NoSQL Databases

Fantastic overview of the BigData and NoSQL databases market from a VC:

[…] Though many companies in the Fortune 1000 are starting to experiment with Hadoop, today only 10-20% of enterprises need big data solutions. This number could grow as high as 40-50% in 5 years.


Too many NoSQL database companies have already been created (Cloudera, 10gen, MongoDB, VoltDB, CouchDB, etc). While the user interest in such databases is increasing (many Fortune 1000 companies have started Hadoop evaluation projects), the market won’t be able to sustain them. I expect to see significant consolidation in the next 3-5 years.


For no reason apparent to me, NoSQL database companies are trying to reinvent the data warehousing and business intelligence infrastructures that have been created over the years.

Note also the fantastic BigData definition:

The data in these sets is at the terabyte or petabyte scale, it is semi-structured, highly distributed, and much of it is of unknown value so it must be processed quickly to identify the interesting parts to keep.

VC Perspective on BigData and NoSQL Databases originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL