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NoSQL Databases and CMS or ECM or DMS

Purists will probably say I’m generalizing a bit (as there are some differences between CMS, ECM, DMS, etc.), but more and more people in the market start to think that these would make good usage of NoSQL databases:

DMS of the future will need to adopt NoSQL  :

  • because new systems are build for Internet : highly available documents is required feature, imagine a place where everybody can really write simultaneously – no locks-in.
  • If you request a specific document, you will get it and there is no difference here with RDBMS, noSQL is even more performant.
  • The “eventually consistent” will not really change anything, when you need a global view of the data (stats for example) you will get it “consistent”.
  • Backup of documents could be done easily – and you will fall in love with replication
  • Sharding is your friend for large distributed database of documents

☞ Why ECM & e-Archiving Solutions Should Adopt NoSQL

Definitely not the first one talking about the future of CMS NoSQL. The first system that comes to my mind when saying CMS and NoSQL is ☞ Lily:

Lily CMS architecture