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RethinkDB 1.13: new protocol and push-pull APIs

Some interesting changes and new features in RethinkDB 1.13 announced yesterday. Namely:

  • replacing the protocol buffers-based protocol for a JSON-protocol

    • how does the JSON protocol manage the non-JSON data types?
    • how fast is a text-based protocol?
  • notifications about document changes

    I’ve always said this was the coolest feature in CouchDB and that every database should support it.

  • a weird1 new http command to pull JSON data from the web

I’ve checked again the RethinkDB stability report and I’m not sure that reads as “yep, RethinkDB is finally production ready”.

  1. Knowing the team there, I’m pretty sure this is coming from a use case I’m not seeing. 

Original title and link: RethinkDB 1.13: new protocol and push-pull APIs (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)