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Post 1.0 CouchDB Roadmap

Even if CouchDB reached recently its 1.0 release, that doesn’t mean it is feature complete. Mathias Meyer[1] has put together a list of 10 things that should be improved in CouchDB:

  • views are updated on read access
  • no automatic compaction
  • no partial updates
  • no built-in way to scale up[2]
  • pagination is awkward
  • range queries are awkward
  • no CommonJS available in MapReduce functions
  • all reads go to disk (i.e. no caching)
  • unhelpful error messages

CouchDB core developer and Couchio co-founder, Jan Lehnardt’s reaction is encouraging though:

Great roadmap for us! :)

  1. Not so long ago, I published a conversation with Mathias Meyer on getting started with NoSQL  ()
  2. To deal with this same feeling, I’ve published a detailed scaling CouchDB article  ()