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Powered by Neo4j: CrunchBase's Business Graph

A new highly visible project in Neo4j’s portfolio:

Our vision for CrunchBase is to create that Business Graph. We are not there yet, but we have the right ingredients in terms of technology, data and momentum to make it a reality. For starters, CrunchBase 2.0 is built on database specially designed for graph-based applications. We have an existing dataset of 530,000 people and companies, which in turn brings CrunchBase more than 2 million visitors and 10,000 individual data contributors each month.

While I’m sure you could generate a page like this from any database, I can also see why the data model of a graph database is appealing for this sort of data.

Original title and link: Powered by Neo4j: CrunchBase’s Business Graph (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)