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OhmData C5: an improved HBase

You’ll probably recognize the names behind OhmData and their improved HBase product C5. In their own HN words:

  • We say we can do failover in a couple of seconds. We want to make it subsecond, but we can’t do that reliably yet. In HBase this story is much more mixed.
  • We wanted to really reduce complexity, as a result, you can just apt-get install c5 on each node and you are done. It’s one daemon, one log file, and that’s it. No xmx nonsense, and almost no tuning or config files. I don’t know if you have dealt with hadoop before, but the complexity is high.
  • Finally we have a much more advanced wireformat. In fact it’s advanced by being simple (protobufs + http). As a result clients in languages other than java become very easy, without a thrift client.

Are we in a new stage of NoSQL databases: “X that doesn’t suck”?

Original title and link: OhmData C5: an improved HBase (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)