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5 Myths about NoSQL vs Relational Databases

Ryan Betts, the CTO of VoltDB addressing an article by MongoDB’s CEO Max Schireson that seems to have stroken a chord:

Recently Max Schireson, CEO of MongoDB, shared his thoughts on relational databases. His statements deserve a direct and frank opposing response. Let’s walk through the myths that Mr. Schireson promoted.

Compared with PostgreSQL’s Robert Haas post “Why the clock is ticking for MongoDB“, this one makes some debatable arguments — e.g. “All popular SQL systems support document types”: aside for SOA committees and MarkLogic, I’ve never heard someone enjoying XML. They aren’t innaccurate, but they’re paiting VoltDB’s space in a too bright color palette.

Original title and link: 5 Myths about NoSQL vs Relational Databases (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)