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NoSQL Week in Review 25

The headlines of last week have been a series of updates on Cassandra usage (see Cassandra Status Inside Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and More, Updates on Cassandra Usage at Twitter, and A Longer Version of the News on Cassandra Usage at Twitter) and a topic I’ve covered in great details months ago: MongoDB durability which ☞ resurfaced.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Cassandra Status Inside Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and More
  2. Cassandra and HBase Compared
  3. Updates on Cassandra Usage at Twitter
  4. Hadoop Ecosystem… Endangered by Being Open Source?
  5. Getting Started with NoSQL and Data Scalability Cheatsheet

A couple of oldies (but goldies) have resurfaced this week, my stats showing that myNoSQL has been able to correctly capture the trends:

NoSQL Releases

In terms of releases, this last week has been pretty quite, the only one we’ve recorded being the release of the new graph database InfiniteGraph 0.9 , featuring 64bit versions and weighted edges.

NoSQL Week in Review

Wish you all a great NoSQL week!