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Updates on Cassandra Usage at Twitter

Just two days after my Cassandra status update, the Twitter engineering blog is publishing an article sharing more details about Cassandra usage at Twitter.

So, how is Twitter using Cassandra today?

  • Cassandra as database of places of interest used by the geo team[1]
  • Cassandra as storage for the data mining research team
  • Cassandra as an upcoming storage solution for real time analytics

In case you wonder what changed, Twitter will not migrate the tweets storage to Cassandra and continue to save and serve these from the existing MySQL cluster:

We believe that this isn’t the time to make large scale migration to a new technology. We will focus our Cassandra work on new projects that we wouldn’t be able to ship without a large-scale data store.

  1. Probably this is similar to how SimpleGeo is using Cassandra  ()