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Someone Is Monetizing Big Data and It Is Not for Our Benefit

Similarly some of the banks have admitted that they will be mining data related to the transactions we perform to understand our buying behavior. This data can then be sold to retailers or e-marketers to generate specific offers that may suit our lifestyle. It may be creepy to get an e-coupon out of the blue on your birthday (or anniversary) from a retailer that you would have shopped with some time back, but it could also have some nice benefits. On top of that, each one of us leaves behind digital tracks when we search or browse through different sites looking for something on the internet. If such data can be tagged to us, it can demonstrate our common interests.

Call me a privacy freak, but I find this unacceptable. And I have a very hard time understanding what’s in it for us[1].

  1. That’s the mildest form to say that I cannot really imagine any benefits for us.  

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