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The NoSQL KISS [sponsor]

In the words of the special sponsor, Couchbase:

Kelly knew it. The U.S. Navy knows it. You know it.

Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)

The Problem

We categorized NoSQL implementations. The categories include distributed caches, key / value stores, and document databases. However, what if application requirements span multiple categories? Do you add Redis, Riak, and MongoDB? The result would not be simple, stupid.


The Solution

Let distributed caching, key / value storage, and document handling be use cases. The solution is a single NoSQL implementation that supports multiple use cases. In fact, Viber recently solved this problem. Their previous architecture relied on MongoDB for document processing and Redis for distributed caching. Their current architecture relies on Couchbase Server as a single replacement for both MongoDB and Redis. Read the full story.

Original title and link: The NoSQL KISS [sponsor] (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)