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HBase at Yfrog

Even if the Yfrog presentation on their usage of HBase has only 9 slides, you’ll find some very interesting notes in there. Here’s a couple that caught my eyes:

  • 10k concurrent requests/second
  • 4 HBase clusters ranging from 50TB to 1PB
  • Having more smaller nodes is better than having less faster bigger nodes
  • We use sub $1k desktop grade servers, they work great![1]
  • Inexpensive 2TB Hitachi disks (~$100) work great, get more units for your money
  • Load test HBase with YCBS: just leave it running for a week, if nothing crashes, you are good.

Make sure you are checking all the slides below.

  1. This is the first example I’m reading where commodity hardware means desktop grade hardware  

Original title and link: HBase at Yfrog (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)