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Time Lines and News Streams: Neo4j Is 377 Times Faster Than MySQL

In my use case neo4j outperformed MySQL by a factor of 377 ! That is more than two magnitudes). As known one part of my PhD thesis is to create a social newsstream application around my social networking site It is very obvious that a graph structure for social newsstreams are very natural: You go to a user. Travers to all his friends or objects of interest and then traverse one step deeper to the newly created content items. A problem with this kind of application is the sorting by Time or relvance of the content items. But before I discuss those problems I just want to present another comparission between MySQL and neo4j.

This is wrong on so many levels. Scratch that. It’s even worse than an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Original title and link: Time Lines and News Streams: Neo4j Is 377 Times Faster Than MySQL (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)