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Beyond NoSQL: Using RRD to Store Temporal Data

Patrick Schless describes the pros of using RRDTool for collect write-once data over time, and graph the results.

The projects collect very different data, but this task was painful enough in postgres that I ended up switching to a temporal database for the second go, and it made the data collection & querying much easier. What follows are a brief discussion of the problems I faced with postgres, and how moving to RRD solved them.

Check also the Hacker news thread for a couple of other tricks for RRDTool.

In the NoSQL space, this sort of quick analytics use case was associated with MongoDB:

Other larger platforms have developed their own solutions:

But using a specialized solution has its own benefits… where did we hear that before?

Original title and link: Beyond NoSQL: Using RRD to Store Temporal Data (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)