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Webinar Series: Configuring the Aerospike Database [sponsor]

Words from Aeropsike, myNoSQL’s supporter and sponsor:

Learn how to configure the Aerospike database in the recordings of this two-part webinar series by Aerospike Technical Marketing Director Young Paik.

Register for his upcoming webinar “Getting the Most Out of your Flash/SSDs”, scheduled for Tuesday, Feb.11th at 10AM PST/1PM EST/6PM GMT, to find out how to maximize your database performance.

Access now all the webinars.

Update: this webinar, “Getting the Most Out of your Flash/SSDs”, has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Feb.18th at 10 am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT.

Original title and link: Webinar Series: Configuring the Aerospike Database [sponsor] (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)