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Enterprise Hadoop Market in 2013: Reflections and Directions

By end of last year, Shaun Connoly (Hortonworks) has posted a fantastic blog looking at the Hadoop market and its future, reflecting on the open source community and its ability to continuously innovate at a fast pace, and putting all these in perspective from a business point of view using the vistory of RedHat.

It is a must read.

Peter Goldmacher (analyst Cowen & Co):

“We believe Hadoop is a big opportunity and we can envision a small number of billion dollar companies based on Hadoop. We think the bigger opportunity is Apps and Analytics companies selling products that abstract the complexity of working with Hadoop from end users and sell solutions into a much larger end market of business users. The biggest opportunity in our mind, by far, is the Big Data Practitioners that create entirely new business opportunities based on data where $1M spent on Hadoop is the backbone of a $1B business.”.

Original title and link: Enterprise Hadoop Market in 2013: Reflections and Directions (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)