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Riak vs. Cassandra – How does Riak compare to Cassandra?

Basho’s side on Riak vs. Cassandra:

Cassandra looks the most like Riak out of any other widely-deployed data storage technology in existence. Cassandra and Riak have architectural roots in Amazon’s Dynamo, the system Amazon engineered to handle their highly available shopping cart service. Both Riak and Cassandra are masterless, highly available stores that persist replicas and handle failure scenarios through concepts such as hinted handoff and read-repair. However, there are certain key differences between the two that should be considered when evaluating them.

Publishing such comparisons is always an extremely difficult task as long as you want to stay objective; I know this first hand:

  1. you must stay with technical facts — no rumours, no speculations. Technical facts rarely come in many shades of grey. Everything needs to be accurate. For an extra point, each aspect presented should allow the reader to dig deeper into it;
  2. you must be clear what aspects you’ll cover in the comparison. And for each category you must make sure you are not leaving things out;
  3. you must remove all corporate messaging. If you want to express opinion, be clear about it. Or do it separately. Corporate messaging and opinion don’t mix well (or at all) with good technical comparisons.
  4. be open to answer any questions. Be ready to accept you’ve made mistakes.

Then work hard to get facts right.

Original title and link: Riak vs. Cassandra – How does Riak compare to Cassandra? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)