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Release: Cassandra 0.6.3, Over 20 bug fixes

A new point release from Cassandra featuring over 20 bug fixes:

  • retry to make streaming connections up to 8 times. (CASSANDRA-1019)
  • reject describe_ring() calls on invalid keyspaces (CASSANDRA-1111)
  • fix cache size calculation for size of 100% (CASSANDRA-1129)
  • fix cache capacity only being recalculated once (CASSANDRA-1129)
  • remove hourly scan of all hints on the off chance that the gossiper missed a status change; instead, expose deliverHintsToEndpoint to JMX so it can be done manually, if necessary (CASSANDRA-1141)
  • don’t reject reads at CL.ALL (CASSANDRA-1152)
  • reject deletions to supercolumns in CFs containing only standard columns (CASSANDRA-1139)
  • avoid preserving login information after client disconnects (CASSANDRA-1057)
  • prefer sun jdk to openjdk in debian init script (CASSANDRA-1174)
  • detect partioner config changes between restarts and fail fast (CASSANDRA-1146)
  • use generation time to resolve node token reassignment disagreements (CASSANDRA-1118)
  • restructure the startup ordering of Gossiper and MessageService to avoid timing anomalies (CASSANDRA-1160)
  • detect incomplete commit log hearders (CASSANDRA-1119)
  • force anti-entropy service to stream files on the stream stage to avoid sending streams out of order (CASSANDRA-1169)
  • remove inactive stream managers after AES streams files (CASSANDRA-1169)
  • allow removing entire row through batch_mutate Deletion (CASSANDRA-1027)
  • add JMX metrics for row-level bloom filter false positives (CASSANDRA-1212)
  • added a redhat init script to contrib (CASSANDRA-1201)
  • use midpoint when bootstrapping a new machine into range with not much data yet instead of random token (CASSANDRA-1112)
  • kill server on OOM in executor stage as well as Thrift (CASSANDRA-1226)
  • remove opportunistic repairs, when two machines with overlapping replica responsibilities happen to finish major compactions of the same CF near the same time. repairs are now fully manual (CASSANDRA-1190)
  • avoid queuing multiple hint deliveries for the same endpoint (CASSANDRA-1229)
  • add ability to lower compaction priority (default is no change from 0.6.2) (CASSANDRA-1181)

You can get Cassandra 0.6.3 from ☞ here.