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Japanese Blogs Post Benchmarks on Membase, Memcached, Tokyo Tyrant and Redis

Two japanese blogs[1] have published some benchmarks comparing the newly released membase with memcached, Tokyo Tyrant and Redis.

Unfortunately both of them are just new examples of useless benchmarks:

  • only 1000 keys
  • the benchmark doesn’t vary the size of keys and values
  • no concurrency
  • no mixed reads/writes

I’d strongly suggest anyone planning to build a solid benchmark to take a look at these NoSQL benchmarks and performance evaluations to learn how to build useful/correct ones[2].

  1. The two benchmarks are published ☞ here and ☞ here. Unfortunately I don’t read Japanese and I’ve used Google Translator (which pretty much didn’t work)  ()
  2. Another useful resource about building correct benchmarks is Jan Lehnardt’s ☞ Benchmarks: You are Doing it Wrong  ()