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Top 5 syntactic weirdnesses to be aware of in MongoDB

Slava Kim, a developer using MongoDB on a daily basis:

This article is not one of those. While most of the posts focus on operations part, benchmarks and performance characteristics, I want to talk a little bit about MongoDB query interfaces. That’s right - programming interfaces, specifically about node.js native driver but those are nearly identical across different platform drivers and Mongo-shell.

You might consider some of these as corner cases. Or worse, things you’d get used with over time.

There is inherent complexity in developing a database. Adding such “quirks” — or allowing them to slip into your product — will just make things worse. And in case you think about all those products that cut corners — or the 80/20 principle — just to get to market sooner, I’ll let you answer if a database is the right place for applying these principles.

Original title and link: Top 5 syntactic weirdnesses to be aware of in MongoDB (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)