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Backblaze: What hard drive should I buy?

Continuing their amazing series of posts on hard drives — previous one is a must read: How long do disk drives last?, the last post shares some stats about the models and the corresponding failure rates of the hard drives Blackblaze is using:

Because Backblaze has a history of openness, many readers expected more details in my previous posts. They asked what drive models work best and which last the longest. Given our experience with over 25,000 drives, they asked which ones are good enough that we would buy them again. In this post, I’ll answer those questions.

The answer you are looking for is: Hitachi. There are two things to keep in mind though:

  1. these drives are used inside Backblaze’s dedicated storage solutions and are the basis of the backup solution Backblaze’s offering.
  2. Hitachi sold its hard drive business to Western Digital and Toshiba.


✚ As a side note, one of the Backblaze’s favorites is the Western Digital 3TB Red. Recently I’ve got a Synlogy and put 2 x 4TB WD Red’s inside. While not having Backblaze’s data, I’ve based my decision on a combination of reviews and costs.

Original title and link: Backblaze: What hard drive should I buy? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)