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Cloudera Impala – A Closer Look

Great points by Glen Sheffield about the recent TPC-DS Impala benchmark results:

Although they are basing their tests on the industry standard TPC-DS benchmark – they are only showing results for a carefully selected subset of the TPC-DS queries, using a carefully selected subset of the TPC-DS data.

For the performance comparisons – they have chosen just 20 of the 99 official TPC-DS query set.

For the scalability tests, they have chosen just 6 of the 99 official TPC-DS query set.

For all tests they have chosen to use a single fact table, even though the TPC-DS database schema contains 6 fact tables.

And the list doesn’t stop here.

With every new vendor published benchmark I’m seeing, the more convinced I am that they’ve become pure marketing material. The art of turning numbers into non-stories.

Original title and link: Cloudera Impala – A Closer Look (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)