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NoSQL Week in Review 24

This last week in NoSQL land has been pretty exciting bringing two new products in the NoSQL space: InfiniteGraph a new graph database and an enhanced, persistent, and distributed memcached-like Membase. We’ve also continued our series of MongoDB case studies and caught the release of two must read graph papers. Last, but not least, we’ve looked at a set (unfortunately still small) of good NoSQL benchmarks and performance evaluations.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. What is Membase?
  2. Two Must Read Graph Papers
  3. Why I am dropping (for wrong or fake reasons) MongoDB for Mysql…
  4. My kind of DB: Redis
  5. Document Database Query Language

It’s interesting to note the discussions generated by the two posts Document Database Query Language and A Common NoSQL Query Language focusing on the future of a possible common ecosystem for data querying.

NoSQL Releases

NoSQL Week in Review

Have a great NoSQL week!